Monday, January 8, 2018

High-Quality vr Camera

Samsung Electronics introduces the 360 Round, a new camera for developing and streaming high-quality 3D content for specialists and enthusiasts who demand a superior virtual reality (VR) experience. Announced at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2017), the Samsung 360 Round uses 17 lenses—eight stereo pairs positioned horizontally and one single lens positioned vertically—to livestream 4K 3D video and spatial audio, and create engaging 3D images with depth.

The 360 Round’s durable, compact design features IP651 water and dust resistance for use in everyday weather conditions and a fanless design to reduce weight and eliminate background noise. With additional features, including PC software for controlling and stitching and expandable external storage2, the 360 Round provides long lasting shooting for any sized job.

The growth of 360 content platforms, such as Samsung VR, Facebook and YouTube, as well as the spread of 360 videos through major media, has increased the need for high-quality 360 videos among VR professionals and enthusiasts. The 360 Round is the first product to meet these needs by combining high-quality, 360-degree imagery with advanced 3D depth at a reasonable price compared to other professional 360 cameras (for example: PLAYSTATION VR CAMERA ).

“The Samsung 360 Round is a testament to our leadership in the VR market. We have developed a product that contains innovative VR features, allowing video producers and broadcast professionals to easily produce high quality 3D content,” said Suk-Jea Hahn, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Global Mobile B2B Team. “The combination of livestreaming capabilities, IP65 water and dust resistance and 17 lenses makes this camera ideal for a broad range of use cases our customers want—from livestreaming major events to filming at training facilities across various industries.”

The Samsung 360 Round combines high-quality images with a durable design and a content management software solution that allows VR directors to transform virtual reality through a complete set of advanced features.

High-Quality 360 Content

The 360 Round offers high-quality 3D images with a 4K camera, thanks to 17 paired lenses that capture a 360-degree view for a full 3D experience. In addition, the 360 Round enables live streaming with little-to-no latency3 and broadcasts easier than ever, with one-step stitching and control software provided by Samsung.


The Samsung 360 Round uses a uni-body chassis designed to reduce heat, removing the need for a cooling fan and minimizing size and weight. The compact design helps eliminate excess noise and reduce power consumption for hours of continuous shooting. Additionally, the 360 Round is IP651 dust and water resistant, making it an ideal choice for capturing content in the most challenging environments. With expandable connectors and ports, the 360 Round is designed to easily and quickly connect to additional equipment, such as an external mic, and storage for saving large files.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Unlicensed solar panel installers sentenced in scheme that took $211,000 from Riverside homeowners

Two men who had been banned from contract work in California paid a legitimate contractor to use his license in a scheme to install solar panels (like GOAL ZERO NOMAD 7 PLUS ) on Riverside County homes, where unsuspecting homeowners paid them nearly $211,000, the district attorney’s office said.

The three men, all from Los Angeles, were sentenced on Wednesday.

In September, Shay Yavor, 40, and Nicki Zvik, 45, entered pleas of guilty to four counts of conspiracy to commit grand theft and admitted an enhancement of committing two or more fraud-related felonies.

Each was sentenced to six months in custody, five years of formal probation, and ordered not to work as a contractor during the probation period.

The charges stemmed from work Yavor and Zvik did for nine Riverside County homeowners, one of whom was 82 years old, who had contracted with the men because they believed they were properly licensed. The two were paid a total of $210,922, the district attorney’s office said.

The investigation began when the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) received complaints about poor work on the homes, said John Hall, a district attorney spokesman.

Jerry S. Goldman, 72, the contractor whose license prosecutors said Yavor and Zvik paid to use, pleaded guilty April 20 to a misdemeanor count of criminal conspiracy. He was fined $1,025.

Yavor and Zvik each had their contractors’ licenses revoked by the CSLB in 2009 and 2010, respectively, the Riverside County District Attorney’s office said in a release. In those cases, they were ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars in victim restitution, recovery costs and disciplinary bonds.

They also were prohibited from re-applying for contractor licenses for five years. To get around that, Yavor and Zvik approached Goldman in 2011 and offered to pay him $150 a month to allow them to use his valid contractor’s license, the district attorney’s office said

Goldman agreed, believing he would be a business partner, and changed the name of his business to American Solar Solution & Home Remodeling.

All of the affected homeowners told a district attorney investigator they believed American Solar was a valid business, and they would not have contracted with the company if they knew it was not.

Yavor and Zvik’s payments to Goldman went up to $300 a month after Goldman successfully passed a solar installation contractor test and added that classification to his license.

The two paid Goldman more than $3,600 over two years for the use of his license, although he had no involvement with the business, prosecutors said.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Home Security Tips for your Garage: What You Must Know!

The garage is definitely one of the places in your home that sadly gets forgotten about when it comes to security, and it’s quite surprising really that this is the case because most garages contain the family car which weighs in at an expensive loss, not to mention other items that families store in their garage. Perhaps the scariest point to all this though, is that most garages are connected directly to the home through a side door so all you would need is a criminal to break into your garage and soon enough they could find their way into your house using a side door.

Now, hands-up who actually locks the side door into the garage? Exactly, this shows us why securing our garages will not only keep our cars safe but it will also keep our families safe. Follow this handy selection of tips we have created in order to keep your garage secure from now on.

If you want home security you also need gate opener system like MIGHTY MULE 502

Tip 1 – Don’t Leave the Garage Remote in Your Car

One of the biggest no-no’s you can do is to leave the remote to your garage door in your car or truck, because if a thief has managed to break into your car which is parked on a drive then he instantly has access into your garage and then into your home if they really want to go further than stealing the car.

What you want to be doing is making it as hard as possible for burglars to gain access into your home, not making it easy for them and handing it them on a plate. Take the remote inside the house with you once you have parked up for the night. Even if you have parked in the garage don’t leave your remote in the car.
Tip 2 – You May Have a Safe Neighborhood but Don’t Leave You Door Open!

The amount of people who leave their garage door open at all times of the day is shocking, and some even leave the house for a few hours but still fail to close their garage doors. Yes, there are some really safe neighborhoods about I grant you that but unfortunately criminals are up to date with these facts as well and usually they are the kind of neighborhoods to target.

Shut your garage doors to stop tempting criminals who are probably driving through your neighborhood checking the situation out, from having any reason to steal from you.
Tip 3 – Install a peephole in the door that separates your garage to your house
Just like the apartment article that we wrote about last time around on this blog, a peephole can be an incredibly handy little concept and if you do end up hearing some noises coming from your garage at least you can use the peephole to assess the situation rather than storming right through to the garage where you could be met with a criminal carrying a weapon.

This peephole will help protect your family and if you do see something suspicious in your garage you can quickly get on the phone to the local police and let them handle it.
Tip 4 – Got Garage Door Windows? Frost Them

Windows can be a pain, on the one hand them help produce a natural light source to your garage which is great but at the same time they serve as a great feature for thieves who want to see what you inside that is worth taking.

You don’t need to get rid of your windows just because they can be used by thieves; after all they serve a purpose for natural light to get into the garage. All you need to do is frost them so that the light can still get through but vision is covered because of the frosted glass.

If you are feeling really vulnerable with your windows then just cover them up so there is no chance a burglar can see through.

All this does is prevent them seeing what valuables you have hidden behind the garage door and it prevents them from not knowing when you are out in the car and the house is unoccupied.
Tip 5 – Use Motion Detector Lights

This little handy tip will put the spooks up any potential burglar, and it will also alert everyone else in your neighborhood as well! A good security system such as an alarm and motion detector lights are the perfect package when it comes to sealing down your garage from any invasion.

The detectors can identify body temperature and moving objects so if anything is picked up by the detector a light will come on for a pre-set period of time notifying you that something is moving about in your garage. If the movement stops the light will go off, but if something continues to move around the light will remain on.

The only thing that you will have to look for here is that it isn’t an animal or a dog as these pets are common triggers of the motion detector system.
Bonus Tip – Padlocks, Deadbolts and Coded Entry Systems

The final bonus tip we are going to give you is to invest in something like a coded entry system for you’re the door that leads from the garage into your home. If in the unlikely event the intruder got into your garage and you didn’t spot the motion detector lights or alarms, you want to make it as hard as possible for them to bypass the door leading into the house so think about putting in deadbolts, padlocks and a coded entry system.

You want the door that leads from the garage into your home to be just as strong and secure as your front door to the house, don’t take it for granted because it opens up to your garage rather than straight out into the street.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Solar heating could cover over 80 percent of domestic heating requirements in Nordic countries

According to researchers at Aalto University, by using suitable systems, more than 80% of heating energy for Finnish households could be produced using solar energy. As the price of heating energy obtained from solar heating systems (for example: GOAL ZERO NOMAD 7 PLUS ) needed to be competitive with the currently used heating alternatives, calculations made by researchers showed that renewable energy could be used to cover 53-81% of annual domestic heating energy consumption depending on the technical implementation method.
"In principle, this result is also valid for Sweden, Norway and other locations at the same latitudes. Of course, local conditions have some effect on this," says Hassam ur Rehman, a doctoral candidate at Aalto University.

The researchers calculated the amount of solar heat obtained for heating the households when excess energy was stored for use during cold periods. The researchers calculated the amount of heat obtained for practical use when energy for heating households was accumulated using solar heating and the accumulated heat was stored for use during cold periods. In their calculations, the researchers studied the use of both above-ground water storage tanks for short-term heat storage and a borehole storage suited for seasonal storage. The results depended on the method of how the heat pumps and the water storage tanks and the borehole storage for storing heat were used together.

The heating of buildings is one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe. In the EU, this heating takes up 40% of all energy consumption.

"In Finland, more than 80% of the energy consumption in households goes to heating buildings and water, and this is on the increase. Solar energy offers economically sensible solutions for the collection of energy for this purpose, and for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, especially in southern Finland where the majority of the population lives," says Kai Sirén, Professor at Aalto University.

The decrease in prices has already made solar energy a viable alternative in the energy market in the Nordic countries as well. For example, in Denmark, the use of solar energy in district heat production has rapidly increased.

Sirén feels that it is important to continue the research work, which will require measurement results on a system built and implemented in Finland.

"We are talking about a computational result which includes factors of uncertainty even if the initial values have been carefully selected and the simulations conducted meticulously," Sirén reminds us.

Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Recognize the Only Business Idea That's Right for You to Start

I was browsing Twitter the other day and I saw an article that was going to give me 101 companies that I could start for under $100. I’m not going to mention who published it *Cough* Entrepreneur *Cough*. But the publisher and the author weren’t what I took issue with. What really ground my gears about this article was the idea that true entrepreneurs are out there shopping for ideas. And that kind of scares me. Because I’ll tell you right now, there really is only one company that you should start. Regardless of what your skillset is, what your background is, or where you are located, the only company any entrepreneur should ever start is always just one: the one that you’ll love to run.

See, I didn’t tell you which markets were booming, which customers have cash, or which companies have the best chance of success. Because while all of those things play some small part in a company, the biggest factor that every entrepreneur needs to keep in mind is their love of the game.

Because here are some hard truths that sometimes get glossed over when we’re talking about entrepreneurship.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

6 Questions Your Business Plan Must Answer

The other night we were talking with a group of young people when one person said that she wasn’t able to start a business because she couldn’t qualify for a loan. As you can imagine, several of us chimed in that we didn’t have funding either when we started our businesses.

Of course some businesses require funding, and we understand that. Capital-intensive industries, for instance, require a large up-front investment to get off the ground. However, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a modicum of talent and a lot of drive, you can start a business without funding.
To back this up, we conducted a quick search and found dozens of articles with low or no-cost business ideas. We particularly liked one from Small Business Trends that lists 25 businesses that you can start for less than $100.
That said, some business ventures fall somewhere in the middle. They need some funding. And, to be truthful, we ourselves needed to live on savings for several months until we built up a clientele in our consulting businesses that supported our lifestyle. If you plan to rack-up credit card debt or tap your 401(k) to fund your own dreams, you should fully understand what you are getting into. And a robust business plan is an important element. There are many free templates available. Find one you like and use it.
Below are several questions your business plan must address. We caution you to be brutally honest. If your idea isn’t going to fly, it’s best to come to grips with this reality now rather than after you've invested your life savings in the venture. The questions you should answer are:

Saturday, March 4, 2017

6 Ways to Set Your Personal Training Business Apart From Your Competition

The challenges facing your personal training business clients are many: time con­straints, stress, aging and terrible food options at grocery stores and restaurants, to name a few. Fortunately, the health and fitness industry is evolving to meet these challenges. While that means you have to adapt with the changes to stay competitive and attract clients, it also means that opportunities to grow your business are never in short supply. And with so much happening in the field, you’ll always be assured that your work will be exciting and inspiring.

Following are some of the trends that offer an opportunity for you to enhance your training business and draw in new business.

High-Quality vr Camera

Samsung Electronics introduces the 360 Round, a new camera for developing and streaming high-quality 3D content for specialists and ent...